Due to its naturally contained essential oils, birchbark has an antiseptic, antifungal, insulating and moisture-repellent effect and is thus excellently suited for the storage of food. Tuesa containers make use of this property to keep food fresh for a very long time. They are ideally suited for storing biscuits, cereals, noodles, berries, legumes and other loose foods, and perfectly seal in the aroma of tea, coffee, spices and nuts. Water-resistant and very light containers are highly durable and low-maintenance. Warm, velvety and non-slip natural birchbark surface guarantees a secure grip, even when wet. There is a suitable size of Tuesa for any use: the storage containers are available as sets of three or as individual products, and are offered in a range of sizes and colours. Being manufactured from a unique natural material, no two products are exactly the same, which is emphasised by contrasting accents. High quality is ensured through elaborate craftsmanship and careful material selection. At last you do not have to hide your storage containers, as birchbark enlivens every kitchen with its warm, homely appearance!

New video of the production showing the process of manufacturing the containers: please follow the link.

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