Paris Design Week

‚TABURET‘ AT PARIS DESIGN WEEK. Happy to announce, that Russian designers and ‚Taburet‘ are a part of  Designporn1992 / Russia_edition organized by Collective1992 during Paris Design Week. In response to the obscenity of overconsumption, Collective1992 has invited 10 Russian designers and 24 European creators to think about the limits of the the system of objects. Together they question excess, access and speed which disorients our desires and overshadows our real needs. You are welcome to visit us at La Rotonde from the 5th till the 9th September!› more Information

Birchbark sunglasses ‚berezka‘

A NEW PROJECT IN COLLABORATION WITH A SIBERIA-BASED WOODEN ACCESSORIES BRAND ‚BREVNO‘. The birchbark sunglasses were developed in collaboration with a Siberia-based wooden accessories brand ‚Brevno‘. The sunglasses of this label contain modern optical design trends, utility and a piece of the makers soul as they are produced mainly by hand. Together with Anastasiya Koshcheeva ‚Brevno‘ produced a new model of sunglasses using birchbark and its properties such as light weight, softness and flexibility as an element of design.› more Information

Berlin Design Night 2015

CHESTER AT GREEN-HILL-GALLERY.  Don’t miss the Berlin Design Night on 12 June 2015, from 7pm to midnight. „More than 90 protagonists of the Berlin creative economy open the doors to their agencies, studios, showrooms and work shops. Experience the business location Berlin from its most vivid site during this festival of creativity. Look behind the scenes of branding agencies, publishing houses, labels – experience the work of product designers, illustrators and communication pros from as close as you can get,“› more Information


Next stop after Milan. See you! 30.04.2015› more Information

Birchbark in Milano

SALONESATELLITE MOSCOW WINNERS 2014 IN MILAN. It was a great time, I really enjoyed. Thank you all for coming! For everyone who couldn’t visit Satellite this year, here are some images from the product-series ‚From Siberia‘ and our booth. 30.04.2015› more Information

Salone Satellite

BIRCHBARK GOES MILAN. ‘Sibirjak’ and the new product series ‘From Siberia‘, which is also made of birchbark, are waiting for you in Milano. Hope to meet you there and looking forward to presenting you my works. Ciao! 1.04.2015› more Information