Birchbark goes Orgatec

BIRCHBARK AMONG THE SMART OFFICE MATERIALS AT ORGATEC. New Edition of ‚Taburet‘ and ‚From Siberia‘ will be part of the exciting ‚Smart Office Materials‘ show curated by Sascha Peters from Haute Innovation Berlin at Orgatec 2016. Come by and get inspired! Pictures by: Haute Innovation Berlin 25.10.2016  › more Information

International Marianne Brandt Contest / Winner

And the second prize goes to…..birchbark! Thank you so much International Marianne Brandt Contest and its Jury for choosing ‚From Siberia‘ product series for one of the winners in the product category. 1.10.2016› more Information

6. International Marianne Brandt Context / Nominee

‚From Siberia‘ has been nominated for the 6. International Marianne Brandt Contest in the Product category. The winners will be announced in October 2016 and presented during the ‚Material Effects‘ exhibition in the Museum of Industry in Chemnitz from October 2016 till February 2017. 7.07.2016› more Information

A new edition of ‚Svetoch‘ lamps

The new edition of ‘Svetoch’ Lamp combines a traditional glue-free craft method of joining birchbark parts together with a laser cutted structure, celebrating the material. It produces a diffused light, playing with shadows and making every room cosy. For more pictures please follow the link or visit the ‚work‘ page.› more Information

DMY New Talent Competition / The Winners

‚FROM SIBERIA‘ IS ONE OF THE WINNERS OF THIS YEAR DMY NEW TALENT COMPETITION. DMY announced the winners of this year ‚New Talent‘ competition. Really delighted to be one of them, thank you! Looking forward to meet you at DMY! 13.05.2016› more Information

Munich Creative Business Week

Please find below the program links for both events. Looking forward to meeting you there! >> MCBW >> IHM› more Information