Rustica Subtilis

A NEW MATERIAL RESEARCH & CRAFT PROJECT. Pottery making and wicker weaving are among the oldest known crafts. ‚Rustica Subtilis‘ invigorates the traditional materials behind this crafts and interprets them in a contemporary context, using laconic shapes, contrasting colours and textures, while keeping their original natural warmth. More information here. 5.02.2016› more Information

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Naturalist is going to Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. Come by if you are in Stockholm: ‚From Siberia‘, ‚Rustica Subtilis‘ and a lot of amazing projects from Russian designers are waiting for you there. Åhoj!› more Information

Inspirations 2016 | WILD

TUESA ARE PART OF THE NEW INSPIRATIONS SPACE „WILD“ AT MAISON & OBJET 2016. „Each season, the MAISON&OBJET Observatoire de la Maison decodes our times and analyzes new consumption behaviors to define a theme explored in the Inspirations book and staged at the show. The MAISON&OBJET Observatoire de la Maison invites you to sink your teeth into the WILD theme, by discovering the new Inspirations forum. The leopard can not change its spots… Between threat of disappearance and hope for revival,› more Information

New pieces & new pictures

Thank you Crispy Point for the nice images! Please follow the link below for more pictures.› more Information


Only few days ago the ‚Naturalist‘ exhibition at the orangery of Tavrichesky Garden in Saint-Petersburg came to an end. Here are some images for those, who couldn’t attend this fantastic show! Photography: Crispy Point› more Information


A NEW CURATED PROJECT WITH RUSSIAN DESIGNERS. Happy to be part of the new amazing project Naturalist with Russian designers, curated and organized by Tatiana Kudryavtseva & Yaroslav Misonzhnikov, founders of the great IZBA. You are welcome to come and have a look at the product-series ‚From Siberia‘, the new bichrbark lamp ‚Svetoch‘ and a collaboration project with Ananyeva Olesya, using a traditional wicker work and combining it with a modern ceramic shape. Don’t miss this great exhibition in such a unique location!› more Information