Feinwerk: Markt für echte Dinge

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New Olds: Classics and Innovations in Design

Some impressions from the public discussion ‚Traditions and Contemporary Design‚ together with Denis Milovanov, Anna Sazhinova moderated by Olga Druzhinina. Organized by Moscow Design Museum, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA), and Goethe Institut Russland. The project features works by young European, American and Russian designers. The Russian part of the exhibition was prepared by the Moscow Design Museum. The project explores the idea of „new“ and „old“ in design, reveals the nature of the relationship between tradition and innovation,› more Information


Looking for an ambitious, talented and passionate product design intern, interested in experimenting, natural materials, craft based projects and product development from the first idea till the finished product. > Start: end of september (the period and duration can be planed, at least 3 months) > Location: Berlin If you are interested please send an email with your portfolio and short CV to mail@anastasiyakoshcheeva.com, we will be happy to contact you!› more Information

Salone Satellite turns 20

20 YEARS OF NEW CREATIVITY. Salone Satellite turns 20 and our birchbark collection is among the selected pieces. Don’t miss the show at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. SaloneSatellite. 20 Years of New Creativity brings together more than 500 projects by as many designers, creators who have taken three consistent and diverse directions, corresponding to different design methods and approaches. These three great design fields have informed the exhibition concept, an arrangement in three acts, corresponding to the three aisles in the large Fabbrica del Vapore “Cathedral”,› more Information

A lot has happened behind the scenes and here is a short update: we have worked hard in the last months and have set up a new birchbark production facility in collaboration with Ivanovo Furniture Factory (Ivanovskaya Mebelnaya Fabrika), finished the development of the new edition of ‚Svetoch‘ lamps, ’Taburet’ stool and included the irregular sizes of ‚Tuesa’ containers to our product range (85-95 and 130-140 mm, both: with and without stitching). The containers without stitching are also available again. › more Information

zeughausmesse | modern craft

Christmas is in the air and we are preparing for the upcoming exhibitions in December: Zeughausmesse (8.12-11.12) and Winterdorf (18.12) in Berlin. Come by to choose you favorite ‚Tuesa‘ food containers, have a look at the new edition of  ‚Svetoch‘ lamps and just to say hi. Looking forward to meeting you there!› more Information